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I got contacted by Alex Riedlinger, an Eritrean photographer keen on sharing is work. Alex has done work in Ethiopia and Nigeria. In Portland, OR, he focuses on Black and African immigrant communities. 

Just Like That is a documentary photography series shot in Southwest Nigeria. It is a work that combines street photography, music, dance, and religious ritual documentation. While in Nigeria, Alex Riedlinger spent considerable time shadowing young Yoruba Ifa priests that are heirs to an old and respected religious practice involving complex systems of divination, an expansive oral and musical tradition and the worship of ancestors and precolonial deities called Orisa. The young fetish priests depicted in this series represent a synthesis of traditional Yoruba identity and contemporary values. Following these young men traversing city streets, acquiring materials for ritual, attending festivals, performing rituals, drumming, dancing, and partying as young men do, Alex was able to capture the ebb and flow of life in their distinct but integrative community. Shot over a month using a loose, diaristic shooting style and high contrast film, the images in tone reflect the fast paced and colorful identity of the Yoruba people in Nigeria.

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See more of Just Like That here in hi-rez.

About the author:

Alex Riedlinger is a photographer and music videographer based in Portland, OR. His work was most recently published in Fotografia Magazine and BathHouse Journal. He has worked with numerous Portland musicians shooting stills and video of live performance and portraits for promotional materials. His other Portland photographic work is documentary in nature, focusing on Black and African immigrant communities he belongs to as well as housing issues. In the past he has worked in newsprint as a photo editor and freelance photographer. Abroad, he has worked in Ethiopia and Nigeria to produce photographic series centering on music, dance and spirituality as well as issues of globalization and rural to urban migration. He has spent the past year and a half documenting Orisa communities and music in Seattle, WA and Nigeria, directing, shooting and editing a film called Children of the Sacred Elders.

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See more of his work here.

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  1. Biki September 11, 2014 Reply

    Na-Wa-OooOOO, see me see trouble, I didnt know priests got down like this! Would be an interesting documentary to watch for sure!

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